Club Membership

ACCEO is an association of independent rallying Clubs (over 200 Clubs representing some 46000 families) Clubs joining the Association must:

1. Be a properly constituted Club.

2. Hold either a Paragraph 4 or 6 Exemption Certificate for the Caravan Sites & Control of Development Act 1960 or a Camping Exemption Certificate under Section 269 of The Public health Act 1936.

3. Agree to abide by the Association’s Rules and Regulations.

Membership fees are set annually for the calendar year and are pro rata for Clubs joining during the calendar year. They are set at levels depending on the Club membership size.

The Association has the right to refuse entry for any Club or individual.

Please contact our Membership Officer for further information.

Personal Membership

ACCEO offers a category of Personal Membership to provide benefits which include access to a range of specially designed and cost effective insurance schemes and, by use of ACCEO’s own exemption certificates, the means by which clubs may organise ‘Invitation Rallies’.

In order to take advantage of the latter benefit all those attending an ‘Invitation Rally’ must be Personal Members of ACCEO, as must those who organise the rally.

The success of the Personal Membership Scheme since it’s introduction following the 1996 Annual General Meeting has resulted in a number of members who, for a variety of reasons, have no affiliation to a member club. These include:

1 Members of clubs which have disbanded, but who wish to retain Personal Membership of ACCEO in order to continue to enjoy concessions and to maintain contact with the caravanning scene.

2. Members who, having changed their caravan or motor home, are no longer eligible for membership of a single make owner’s club but who, nevertheless, wish to retain Personal Membership of ACCEO.

3. Individuals who have temporarily or permanently ceased caravanning but who wish to continue to support ACCEO.

4. Land owners, who may or may not be caravan owners, who support ACCEO by Personal Membership, Advertising, and offer the use of their land for rallies by ACCEO member clubs.

In order to regularise the standing of these members, at the AGM in October 2000, a new sub group of ACCEO Companions, within ACCEO , was formed to enable the continuity of their Personal Membership and is open to individual caravanners, motor caravanners and campers who no longer belong to a member club.

Active club members are encouraged to apply for Personal Membership of ACCEO through their club but this is purely a personal choice.