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Coronavirus is a subject on which ACCEO is unable to advise our members, and we have to rely on guidance and advice issued by the Government and Natural England.



Welcome to the ACCEO website

ACCEO is the Association of Caravan and Camping Exempted Organisations. We represent Caravan and Camping Clubs who hold a Certificates of Exemption issued by one of three authorities – Natural England which is an executive public body sponsored by DEFRA (The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Activities), or The Welsh Assembly Government (Planning Division), or The Scottish Government (Housing Markets Supply Division).

What is ACCEO?

The Association of Caravan and Camping Exempted Organisations is a group of rallying clubs, all of whom hold a Certificates of Exemption. A Committee of unpaid officers is elected from Association Members to represent the combined interests of the our Member Clubs at all levels.

What does the Association Do?

ACCEO works closely with Government Departments and Authorities on behalf of its Member Clubs.

ACCEO is also able to provide both services and access to facilities not directly available to individual clubs.  The category of Personal Membership has been introduced to provide an additional voice to the membership of Member Clubs and greater flexibility in arranging invitation and joint rallies. Personal Membership also provides a voice to individuals whose club has disbanded, but who wish to maintain an interest in the work of ACCEO.

Rallies in National Parks

Rallies in National Parks cannot be held without first being approved by the appropriate National Park Officer. Approval must be obtained some one year in advance through a “clearing” procedure, which is not directly accessible to individual clubs.

ACCEO is represented on the national clearing house and liaises with all National Parks (Natural England) to co-ordinate an approved rally programme with the relevant authorities. Our National Parks Rally Officer can help you with enquiries but note that at least 12 months’ notice is needed for applications.

Extended Rallies

Whilst individual clubs may, by means of their “Paragraph 6” Certificate of Exemption, organise rallies of up to five days duration (5 consecutive periods of 24 hours) the major caravanning organisations e.g. The Caravan Club, The Camping & Caravanning Club, The Motor Caravan Club and ACCEO were also granted “Paragraph 4” Certificates, thereby permitting rallies to be organised on unlicensed land for an indefinite period, although an agreement was reached with the appropriate Government Departments whereby such rallies would be limited to a maximum of 28 days.

By agreement with the Association, and subject to reasonable controls, ACCEO Member Clubs holding “Paragraph 6” status are eligible to apply to organise extended rallies under the discipline of ACCEO’s “Paragraph 4” Certificate of Exemption. Contact the Extended Rally Officer.

Government Environmental Departments are now prepared to consider “Paragraph 4” applications from organisations that hold a valid “Paragraph 6” Certificate, subject to certain undertakings and conditions.

Advice to Clubs

ACCEO is able to give advice on matters of vital importance to clubs and issues a series of information sheets on specific subjects.

Guidance and assistance is offered to Member Clubs when difficulties arise that may threaten their privilege to hold a Certificate of Exemption.

The Association Newsletter “ACCEO Matters” which is published up to four times a year keeps Member Clubs & Personal Members informed on matters of interest and importance

ACCEO Rallies

The Association organises a National and AGM Rally at the beginning of October each year. Rally arrangements are made by a volunteer ‘host’ club in conjunction with Officers of the Association. Personal Members of the Association as well as members of the Association’s Member Clubs are able to meet like-minded caravanners and enjoy the organized entertainment

Additionally,Member Clubs are encouraged to run Invitation Rallies where the Association makes arrangements that permit the attendance of other interested Member Clubs.

Insurance Services

A range of ‘specially designed’ insurance schemes is offered to Member Clubs and their members. Most Member Clubs are affiliated to the ACCEO Public Liability Policy for a very reasonable annual premium. For further information please contact our Insurance Officer.


After the Second World War, caravanning as a leisure pursuit was perceived by the government of the time to be growing rapidly and uncontrolled. This perception resulted in the “Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960” which is still operating over 50 years on, and is the means by which your club was granted an Exemption Certificate which permits you to hold rallies on unlicensed land.

In 1976 the government called a meeting at Beaulieu to ascertain how the Act was working. Arising from these discussions the then Department of the Environment (latterly DEFRA and now Natural England) issued in 1978, a Consultative Document which was to introduce a degree of control over caravan rallies to prevent overuse of popular sites and in particular the National Parks. The tone of this document caused some alarm amongst caravanners who, perceiving a possible threat to their pastime, determined that clubs must group together to provide a single voice and thus be in a stronger position to safeguard their interests.

Two groups formed in 1979, the National Federation of Caravan Owners Clubs (NFCOC), which as its name suggests was composed mainly of Owners Clubs, and shortly afterwards came the Confederation of Caravan and Camping Clubs (4C’s) comprising of other Social and Works Clubs. Later there was an attempt to enlarge the group by including the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravanning Club, but the initiative failed.

Both groups continued to operate in parallel, each operating their own “clearing houses” for rallies in the National Parks. This duplication was expensive in time, effort and money, and eventually led in 1985 to a merger to form the Association of Caravan and Camping Exempted Organisations (ACCEO). The Department of the Environment was enthusiastic about the creation of ACCEO and granted the Association an Exemption Certificate limited to 5 day rallies initially, and some four years later, when the Association altered its constitution to become a Recreational Trust, rallies of up to 28 days could be arranged as controlled by the1960 Act.

Application for ACCEO Membership, be it Corporate, for a Club, or Personal can be made to the Membership Officer.

Publicity Opportunities

Caravanning and Camping Products

ACCEO represents rallying clubs ranging from national clubs with several thousand members to a host of smaller, but equally active clubs. They are often to be found in Camping Shops and Leisure Exhibitions on the look-out for new products that will make their hobby more enjoyable and useful. We are happy to advertise such products in our House Magazine – ACCEO Matters – for very reasonable rates.

Email the AM Editor for further information

It may also be possible to demonstrate your products at our National Rally in October where you can display and sell them to a concentrated buying audience

Email our National Rally Officer for further information

Rally Sites and Touring Parks

Our Member Clubs rally on many weekends during the year and are always looking for new rally site locations to hold their rallies. Most Clubs publish a yearly Rally Programme to their members. What better way of attracting their interest and use of your facilities than telling them of your facilities and the interests in your area. We can mail your details to Clubs as a mailshot, specifically to rally secretaries if that is what you want. They will have your details to be able to contact you to arrange a rally using your facilities. A beneficial
arrangement for both you and the Member Club. We can also place an advertisement in ACCEO Matters for you.

Email our Publicity Officer for further information



ACCEO National AGM 2020

ACCEO National Rally – Ludlow – 30th September – 5th October 2020

Change to the Booking Process

Dear Members,

In the past, we have asked for payment in advance when booking the National Rally. The ACCEO Committee have decided that for 2020 the rally will be “Pay on Arrival”. This will avoid the need for refunds should we have to cancel. Bookings are still required on the ACCEO Booking Form, either as a club block booking or an individual booking. The booking form is available to download from the website. The latest edition of ACCEO Matters also had a booking form enclosed. We are sure you are all looking forward to getting out in your units again when it is safe to do so, however and we will all have a lot of camping to catch up on. If your club is one of those who decided to cancel all their 2020 rallies this would be an excellent opportunity for your members to meet up. If you have never been to the National Rally, it is an enjoyable, fun-filled event – check out the poster on the News page of the Website. Ludlow is a pretty town with plenty to do and see, set in some beautiful countryside. We look forward to receiving your booking forms.

In the meantime, stay safe.

Your ACCEO Committee

NAGM Documents: (click each to download)

Electronic Booking Form

Printable Booking Form

Committee Nomination Form

Off Grid

John Clifton runs an Off-Grid CL called Newton Grove in Oxfordshire, he and a CAMC member (Merve Gaskin) who spends a lot of time Off-Grid have set up a Facebook group “Caravan & Motorhome Off-Grid Group- CAMOGG” to bring together off-grid tourers, site owners and other interested parties to share their knowledge, experiences, recommendations and to help those who wish to know more about the Off-Grid experience. The group is only in is 4th week but seems to have a great collection of people on board, currently 1280 (but they are passionate about off-grid or about to go off-grid)

Link to Group

ACCEO Member Clubs

Club nameHelp/info
007 Caravan and Camping Club
2000 Caravan Club Cymru
77 Caravan Clubinfo
Abbey Caravan Clubinfo
ABI and Friends
Acorn Caravan Club
Adria Owners Club UK
All Seasons Caravan Club (The Doves)
All Year Round Caravan Club
Amateur Radio Caravan & Camping Club
Alternative Retro and Classic Caravan Society
Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC)
Auto Camping Club – East Midlands
Auto Camping Club – Essex
Auto Camping Club – Rawreth
Auto-Sleeper Owners’ Clubinfo
Auto Trail Owners Club
Avoncroft Caravan Clubinfo
Avondale Caravan Clubinfo
Back to Basics Camping Club
Bailey Owners Club
Benimar Owners Clubinfo
Bessacarr Owners’ Clubinfo
Bridge Club (2014)
Bristol & District Camping Club
British Leyland Camping and Caravanning Association
Brunel Caravan and Camping Club
Buccaneer Owners’ Clubinfo
Burstner UK Owners
Camping Grasshoppers
Cardinal Caravan Club
Carlight Enthusiasts Club
Carlight Owners’ Clubinfo
Carthago Owners’ Club
Castaways Camping Group
Castaway Caravan and Camping Club
Catenian Caravanning Fellowship
Cavalier Caravan and Camping Clubinfo
Charities Caravan & Camping Club (4 C’s)
Coachman Owners’ Clubinfo
Compass and Herald Motorhome Club
Compass Club
Concraft Camping Clubinfo
Dandy Owners’ Clubinfo
Derbyshire Retired Caravanner’s Club
Dorset Shed Draggers
Dowty Camping Club
Dunelm Caravan Association
Eccles Caravan Owners’ Clubinfo
Elddis Owners Clubinfo
Eriba Owners Club of Great Britain
European Caravanning Association
Fairford Caravan Owners’ Club
Fire Service Caravan & Camping Club
Fleetwood Owners
Four Counties Caravan Club
Freedom Caravan Club
Freedom North East 2000 Caravan Club
Freeway Caravan and Camping Club
Friends Caravan Club
Friends of Leukaemia (Research) Caravan Club
Friendship Touring Club
Goodyear Caravan and Camping Club
Greener Camping Club
Happy Campers Club
Heart of England Caravan and Camping Club
Historic Caravan Club
Honeycomb Caravan Clubinfo
Hotpoint Caravan & Camping Club
Hurn (Dorset) Caravan & Camping Club
Hymer Club International (est 1990)
Independent Caravan, Motorhome and Camping Club
of Northern Ireland
International Caravanning Associationinfo
International Caravanning Fellowship of Rotariansinfo
International Police Association Caravan and Camping
Invicta Trailer Club
Laika Club of Great Britain
Libra Caravan Club
Llandudno Transport Festival Caravan & Camping Club
Lucas Girling Caravan and Camping Club
Lunar Owners Clubinfo
Lynton Caravan Club
Mardon Club
Masonic Caravan Club of England and Wales
Mid Sussex Caravan and Campers Club
Midland Rover Owners’ Club
Motorhome Facts Rally Group
Motorhome Funinfo
Murvi Club
Mustang Caravan Owners’ Clubinfo
National Mardon Owners’ Caravan Club
New Companions Camping Club
New Forest Caravan & Camping Associationinfo
New Horizons Camping Group
Nice People Caravan & Camping Clubinfo
Northern Friends Caravan and Camping Club
Northumbria Caravan Association
Nottinghamshire Masonic Caravan Association
Olympic Caravan Clubinfo
Omaha Caravan & Camping Club
Pennine Owners Club
Pennine Wanderers Club
Phoenix Camping Club
Pied Piper Rally Club
Pilote Owners Associationinfo and FB
Pioneers Caravan Club
PLUS Retired Caravanners Club
Polar Caravan Club
Prestige Caravan and Camping Club
Purbeck Campers Clubinfo
R.E.M.E. Caravan and Camping Clubinfo
Ramblers Caravan & Camping Club
Rapido and Silver Owners Club
Red Rose Caravan Club
Reliant Owners (National) Club
Roma Caravan Club
Royale Owners’ Club
RPC Caravan and Camping Club
RV Ralliers
Safari Caravan Club
Sapphire Club
Saxon Crosses Caravan & Camping Club
Seeboard Caravan & Camping Club
Self Build Motor Caravanners Club
Shell Club Caravan Sectioninfo
South West Caravan Club
South West Wales Masonic Caravan Club
Sovereign Caravan Club
Spread Eagle Caravan Clubinfo
Sprite, Sterling, Swift Caravan Owners Club
Stone-Agers C&CC
Sunseekers Caravan Club
Swift Motorhomes Owners Clubinfo
Swift Owners Clubinfo
Three Valleys Caravan Club
Tiddlers and Crouchers
Timberland Owners Club
Tourers and Tents Owners’ Club
Touring Caravan Clubinfo
United Reformed Church Caravan Fellowshipinfo
Vanmaster Association
Vauxhall Motors Caravan & Camping Club
Volvo Owners’ Club Caravan & Camping Section
Waltham Chase Caravan Clubinfo
Waggoners Caravan Club
Warwickshire Nomads Caravan & Camping Club
Weekend Wanderers CCC
Weekenders Motor Caravan Club
Welcome Caravanners
Welsh Globetrotters Motorcaravan Club
Welton Owners Club
Wessex Winter Caravannersinfo
West Midlands Travel Caravan & Camping Clubinfo
White Rose Caravan and Motorhome Club
White Rose Masonic Caravan Companions

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